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ANGELS AND A CAR WRECKThe Story of Jenny Duce

Jenny Duce

May 01, 2012

Life was going great.

I had just finished splits with the sister missionaries and was driving home to be with my husband who was recovering from cancer surgery. It had been a beautiful spring and sun filled day, but as the day progressed a sudden change in weather occurred and the air began turning cold…fast! Before I realized it everything around me went black. It was just that sudden! I thought to myself, “I must have been in an accident”. I said a quick prayer that I would remain calm.

Next thing I knew a woman approached the vehicle advising that she was a paramedic off duty driving from Spokane on her way to Montana. She found me hanging upside down, my head smashing into a bed of crushed glass on the only part of the roof still attached to the vehicle. This sweet woman sat with me, supporting my body weight as I waited for the ambulance. As she visited with me, trying to keep me calm, I discovered the miracle of her being with me. There hadn’t been much room left in the car she was traveling in, but being of small frame, they made room for her to come. And while they had gotten a late start on their trip, it put her at the scene when I needed someone most.

Truck drivers called 911 and helped keep myself and others around the scene safe by blocking both lanes of oncoming traffic. When the ambulance staff arrived, they could hardly walk on the road, the black ice was so slick.

 My husband soon arrived at the scene and was able to crawl into the vehicle just enough to lay his hands on me and give me a priesthood blessing that I could remain calm until I could receive necessary medical treatment.

 I left the scene that day with a broken neck and a scratch on my hand. A halo would soon be attached to me and would remain attached for the next 3 months, keeping my neck, back and head healing properly. I did my best to work and live a “normal” life as difficult as it was. But as I look back on that situation, the accident, the scene, the emotions, I am grateful to have been blessed by MANY incredible angels which He sent to my path of life that day to help support me through such a difficult time.