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Lisa King

July 31, 2012

My boys keep me laughing, despite everything that has happened over the last ten months.  They inherited Aaron’s sense of humour and they often have me in fits of laughter with the things they say and do.  Sometimes they do something on purpose to make me laugh, and other times it’s completely unintentional.  Last Sunday was one of those times.

We knew ahead of time that an Area Seventy would be visiting our ward.  All morning I told  the boys that we needed to make sure we got to church early, and I talked to Jalen about how he may be privileged to pass the sacrament to him.  As we were leaving home I reminded Jalen to make sure he tucked in his shirt neatly.

As the only Deacon in our ward, Jalen had the privilege of passing the sacrament to Elder O’Riordan, our Stake President and Bishop, and all those sitting on the stand.  I watched him proudly as he walked up to them and noticed that he had tucked his shirt in so well that you could see his bright green undies sitting above the top of his pants! I was so embarrassed and hoped that no one else noticed, but had a little laugh to myself.

Despite the green undies incident, it was a lovely sacrament meeting with our Stake President and Elder O’Riordan both speaking.  I felt the power of Elder O’Riordan’s testimony as he shared the things that he knew were true. 

After sacrament meeting, my Stake President let me know that Elder O’Riordan wanted to know if I would like the opportunity to talk to him.  He had been told about Aaron passing away and I was grateful that he would take some time to talk to me. 

We talked about the trials I am going through and reminded that as I kept the faith there were many blessings still to come.  I smiled and replied, “I hope so,” to which he answered, “It’s not a hope sister, it’s a fact.”  His voice was certain, and I felt the Spirit strongly as he spoke to me. 

We talked for a little while and he encouraged me to ask for answers and said he hoped that I would be able to get them sooner, rather than later.  He looked into my eyes and said that just from speaking to me for a few minutes he could tell that I was a “woman of faith” and that Aaron had chosen well.  It made me smile because if Aaron were here it would have been something we would have joked about as we used to love stirring each other, and I would have loved reminding him that he chose well.

I was grateful for Elder O’Riordan’s kindness and understanding in knowing that what I am going through is hard, despite the knowledge that we have.  But I was especially grateful for the testimony he shared.  It made me want to continue holding on and praying for answers, and I wanted my testimony to be like his – to have no doubts about anything. 

Before leaving, Elder O’Riordan said he was going to ask about the young man who had passed him the sacrament.  He was very impressed with how he looked him in the eye and had a neat hair style.  I smiled and said, “So you didn’t notice his green undies then!?”

Luckily he hadn’t noticed.

Lisa King is a woman of faith with a zest for life who loves photography, chocolate, helping children with special needs and being a mum. TOFW first met Lisa at the Sydney, AU event in July 2011. We have been amazed at her ability to SEEK THE GOOD thru the trials that have come her way, including unexpectedly losing her son and husband within 4 months of each other. Lisa was born and raised, and continues to live in the beautiful area of Tasmania, AU and looks forward to the day when she can introduce her boys to Rexburg, Idaho, USA, where she has incredible memories of a year at college before returning to Australia where she met and married her sweetheart, the late Aaron King.