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August 15, 2012

We were asked if the TOFW ladies would be interested in a BOOK with some special insights from SHERI DEW and VIRGINIA PEARCE.

Well, of course!
Next question: would the TOFW ladies be excited about book club CONTEST in connection with this book?

Yes, most definitely, YES.

And then the wheels started turning. We decided that if we were going run this fantastic contest, that it would need a really oustanding, YOU'RE-NOT-GOING-TO-BELIEVE-THIS kind of prize. Like a PERSONAL VISIT from Sheri Dew and Virginia Pearce to the winning book club.

So that's what we did! It's an incredible book that offers an incredible experience. And you just might win an incredible prize.

So watch this video to see what's in store when women gather to discuss the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and then check out http://tofw.com/club for more details on how to enter.