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Becky Jones

June 21, 2012

The only thing constant in life is change.  Often change happens to us but how wonderful it is when we create the change; good, positive change. Three years ago I needed to make a change in my life.  Life seemed to be passing me by.  I was physically unable to fully participate in my life. I had hit the huge number of 390 pounds on the scale.  I was always worried about how I would fit into chairs or if kids would make fun of me.  I did however continue to go everywhere with my kids, even when I had to sit on the edge of a seat or sit sideways, and even when kids made mean comments about my weight.  Yes, I even went swimming with them and to the waterslides. Well I finally hit bottom when I couldn’t sit with my family for a special performance. There was no sitting in that chair-no matter what.

I began fasting and praying to know what I needed to do to change.  I had decided many years before that if I was to lose weight that I would not undergo surgery ; I would work hard and eat right. Over the next year I lost 200 pounds.  Tons of tears, sweat and counting calories, along with fasting, prayer and the temple made it possible.

As women we often find it difficult to make time to take care of ourselves.  It was very difficult in the beginning for me to spend time exercising. (Truthfully it is still hard sometimes to make time for “me.”) I felt guilty to take time away from my family but I have since learned a very valuable truth: if I take care of myself first, then I have more to give.

Some tips to help you find time to exercise are:

• Exercise before your family wakes or work begins in the morning. I go running at 6:30 am and come right home to wake the kids for school.
• Exercise after the kids are in bed or after you get home from work. I still do this in the evening if I want to watch television.  I made a rule that if I am watching tv then I have to be moving my body.  If I have already done cardio in the morning then I do push-ups and sit-ups, leg lifts, hand weights, etc .  If I haven’t gotten my cardio in then I run or walk on the treadmill or workout on the elliptical. Or make it a date and take your husband out for a walk!
 Exercise with the kids. I love to go on bike rides with my kids. Another way I exercise with my kids is that a group of us in the winter do kick boxing in a cultural hall.  We workout and our children run and play around us.
• Trade off with a friend. Find someone else with the same goals as you have for exercise and trade off babysitting.  The kids love playing together and moms don’t have to get up early or stay up late to get their exercise in!

No matter how you do it, the important thing is that you fit it in.  Our bodies need to work out 5 days a week to be healthy.  If you don’t believe it just try it for 2 weeks, and I promise that you will see a huge difference in your life.

Another challenge that we face as women and mothers is how to make healthy meals for our families.  I love to cook and bake. My family was used to the meals I had been making for years.  I didn’t make a drastic change right away.  I slowly made changes and they were very accepting of the new way that I cook and bake. 

Here are some tips to help make your meals or baking healthier:
• Cut out half of the meat in your casserole, leave it out altogether or substitute lean ground turkey.
• Switch to whole grain/wheat pasta.
• Use brown rice instead of white rice.  NOT minute rice but the real thing.
• Try having a salad as your main dish.
• When you bake cut the amount of sugar in half.
• In your baking substitute half of the butter or oil with unsweetened applesauce.
• Try using honey, agave, splenda, stevia or sucanat rather than sugar.
• Substitute whole wheat flour or oat flour for half or all of the white flour.
• Cut back on the amount of chocolate chips you add to your cookies.
  (The kids love it if you use mini chocolate chips and just place a few on top.)

Health is so important.  I still struggle some days wanting to move my body or eat healthy but I now understand how important it is.  Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with these bodies and gave a stewardship over them.  We must take care of them so that our spirit has a strong healthy temple to reside in.  I promise you that when your body is taken care of that you will have more to give to those you serve and love


Becky Jones loves to first be known as wife to Dan and stay-at home-mother to 5 incredible children. She has also become known for her extreme weight loss after a life-long struggle with weight. With the support of family and friends and with lots of fasting and prayer, she lost 200 pounds in less than a year. Becky prides herself on losing the weight on her own without trainers, pills or any gimmicks. One of her goals is to someday write a book about this journey to help other women who struggle with food addiction and obesity know that they are not alone and that it is possible to change! Becky blogs at: