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Rachel Folkman

November 08, 2011

We LOVE how this blogger is using her creativity to become better connected to her friends. Caution: What you are about to read might make you hungry :)

Nothing gets me more excited about fall than the gentle smell of bonfire smoke wafting in the air at dusk, gathering around the roaring fire with good friends, and the crisp air gently blowing on my back. I love snuggling closer to the fire and trying to work my marshmallow magic. There really is nothing more spectacular than getting away from the city lights, laying under the stars, and biting into that gooey, chocolaty, crunchy, messy S'more! So in honor of those fun times, I created my own version of a S'more cupcake.

Now for my confession: I'm not a huge fan of S'mores, but I love them for the experiences they help create. I enjoy using my creativity to help make fun and memorable moments for the people I love.  I've taken the S'more cupcake idea and added my own little twist.  I made rich, moist chocolate cupcakes and a light Marshmallowy-type Swiss Meringue Frosting. To top off the cupcake I added a piece of HONEY graham cracker, a chunk of HERSHEYS Almond Chocolate bar, and of course, a roasted MARSHMALLOW on a stick (I use a lighter to roast minature marshmallows on a toothpick). My marshmallow is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a light black crust all around it. I call it pure perfection!

If you can believe it, these taste even better than they look!

It's also fun to experiment with different ingredients to create a variety of new S'mores flavors. You can put all the ingredients into a jar and give it away as a gift, use it for your tablescape, or take it to your next S'more party and basically blow everyone away with how creative and amazing you are!  

To see my ingredient list and gift jar how-to, go HERE! I hope you've enjoyed some of these ideas. Now go out there and make some memories!

Rachel Folkman started designing and cooking at a early age by helping her Mother, an Interior Designer herself, with weddings and events.  At eighteen she embarked on her journey to learn more about event planning by working in different positions in pastry design, catering, and event planning.  After her LDS Mission to Edmonton, Alberta Canada, she received her Interior Design Degree from LDS Business College.  She has continued developing her career in design by doing private events and interior design for clientele and sharing her creative talents on her blog. 

Rachel blogs at: A Little Cuppa Tea

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