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Ashley LeMieux

March 14, 2012

Has someone ever done something kind for you that was completely unexpected but absolutely made your day? This blogger shares her experience doing random acts of kindness and proves it can be even more fun to be on the giving end of the kindness. So, what will you do for someone else today?

Epiphany Chocolates  gave me 10 boxes of the best chocolates I've literally ever had in my life, to pass out to 10 random people.

Clearly I was ecstatic.

 Chocolate+random acts of kindness= the best day ever.

The first lady I stopped was completely shocked.

"You just want to give these to me?"

I smiled... "Well yes!"

She laughed, looked completely surprised and said,
"Why? Who are you with?"

I told her, "I'm with no one. Just trying to spread a little love,
and I hope that you really do have a great day."

"Wow. Thank you so, so much."

It really is simple.

Changing someone's day doesn't take a huge flash mob
with sparkling lights while Beyonce serenades them to tears.

And in fact, it doesn't even take a box of chocolates.
(Although, if you ever plan on doing a random act of kindness for me, 
I really wouldn't turn chocolates down.)

All it takes is a sincere gesture towards someone that makes them feel like
wow, people do care about me. Today isn't so bad, after all.

I challenge you today to do something with a little extra love
for someone who is completely not expecting it.

Spread the shine, my friends.

Ashley just launched Pass It Forward, a project designed to encourage us to do small acts of kindness everyday to make a big impact on our communities. To learn how YOU can get involved, visit: Pass It Forward

About Ashley  
Ashley is a 25 year old change activist living in Phoenix, Arizona. She created The Shine Project to motivate the world to go out of their comfort zone, reach their goals, and lift others around them. This year, she is traveling around the country putting on SHINE events to get people involved in their communities. She created a non-profit, The Shine Scholarship Project, to raise money and awareness for inner city high school students so they can receive higher education. They take these at-risk youth and organize service projects with them so they learn leadership skills and become aware of their ability to give back to society. Ashley served an LDS mission to Cincinnati, OH, which fueled her love for people and her desire to make everyone aware of their potential to shine.

Ashley blogs at: The Shine Project