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Lindsey Rietzsch

August 07, 2012

Do you ever get the urge to jump up and help the world, but feel like your efforts fall flat? Well, I do. And a few months ago, I realized why I felt that way, and what I could do about it.

The problem was that sometimes I focused so much on the big things and what I could do to influence the world for good, that I often missed out on smaller opportunities for good happening right under my nose. But through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, I not only learned that I wasn’t using my gifts to their full capacity, I was also led to where my gifts and talents were most needed—even if they weren’t in situations that seemed to help the whole world at once.

I learned that I needed to start with the small things. So I took the time to meet one-on-one with friends, family, and acquaintances and listen to them, smile at them, cheer them up with some humor and encouragement. And the more I did, the more I recognized what gifts the Lord has given me, and the more those gifts were strengthened. As the Lord saw that I was willing to spend my time helping those He placed in my path, He began to bless me with other opportunities to be a tool in His hand.

As busy women, we sometimes forget that it’s not always the large, extraordinary experiences for which we should seek to use our talents and gifts. I know many women who feel discouraged when their plans to do good things don’t turn out as they had intended. “I was going to help so many people,” they say. “It was a righteous desire, I felt good about it, and I thought the Lord would have wanted that for me as well. Why didn’t it happen?”

But when we’re too focused on our setbacks, we fail to notice the lonely neighbor next door who could use some company, or the friend down the street who desperately needs a reminder that things are going to be okay. It’s important to remember that to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world—and it’s usually the small opportunities where our gifts and talents are needed most.

We are all given gifts from the Lord, but as D&C 46:11 and 32 explain, “All have not every gift given unto them; for there are many gifts…and ye must give thanks unto God in the Spirit for whatsoever blessing ye are blessed with.”

So let’s find out what talents and gifts the Lord has blessed you with and how you can use them to build the kingdom. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down all of the things you are good at. This could be anything from being a good listener to being a great paper airplane folder (which I am not).

List as many items as you can and then place this list where it can be in your view often. Throughout the week, put a tally mark next to the talents and gifts that you listed, each time you use them to help someone. This is a good way to see which talents you are using, and which ones need your nurturing. It never hurts to keep a journal of the experiences you have while doing this. You’ll be surprised at how often you do use your talents and gifts to help others. It’s a great attitude booster!

I challenge you to tune in to your gifts and ask the Lord to guide you to places and people that need your gifts and talents. The more we use our talents, the more we can help those around us in ways we can’t even imagine—doing good for the whole world by doing good for just one person.

Lindsey Rietzsch is the author of How to Date Your Spouse and the inventor of Hydroheel, a pedicure treatment sold in spas and salons that heals dry feet. Featured as a guest on FOX & Friends for her book, Lindsey taken her message of preserving marriage and family nationwide. She enjoys the many different hats that she wears which include entrepreneur, business owner, motivational speaker, relationship coach, workshop presenter, online food guru, writer (of three blogs), author, inventor and her most favorite - being a mom. She resides in Layton, Utah with her handsome husband (of 11 years) Manuel, and three amazing children - Gabe 5, Paisley 3, and Cambrey 1. She graduated from Weber State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Communication, Family Studies and Social Work. Honored as Wasatch Woman Magazine's "Mother of the Year"in January 2010 and "Mom Who is Making It" at the Mom's Who Make It Conference July 2009, Lindsey carefully strives to balance being a stay at home mom and wife, with all her many projects. She enjoys family history, creating recipes, decorating and serving her friends and family. Lindsey is currently finishing up her second book, Successful Failures - her personal story of divine insight as to how we can find successes amongst our failures and see the Lord's hand in all things.
Lindsey blogs at Stand a Little Taller

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