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{DIY} INFINITY SCARFFrom the sisters at The Pretty Life Anonymous

The Pretty Life Anonymous

August 23, 2012

Well hi, friends! This is W, and I co-write the blog The Pretty Life Anonymous, a little place where my sister and I write about the things we love. I'm a new mom of a sweet little boy who right this second is screaming his head off after enduring the bathtub of torture. Meanwhile, I'm going to pretend I am sitting in a blissfully quiet house as I attempt to weave a little metaphor for you from basically nothing. Just go with me, won't you?

You see, sometimes life as a mother, or wife, or woman in general can be like an old t-shirt that has been worn so much it's wrinkled and fading. Maybe there are holes here and there and it has been used, and worked over, and spilled on, and it just looks tuckered out. Feeling a little old t-shirty yourself today? Ya. I get it. Me too (Shrieky baby in the other room, remember?). The great thing about that t-shirt is that just because it's worn out doesn't mean it has to throw in the towel (Is this post starting to sound like laundry day? I'll get to the point now.). That old t-shirt can be more than just an old, tired, t-shirt, it just takes a little work, a little change of perspective, and you know, a glue gun. (If you have a deep, undying passion for your glue gun like I do, then this makes sense for the metaphor. If not, pretend I never said anything.)

So you see, an old t-shirt is like us worn out moms, busy wives, and women trying to hold it all together, we just have to see the good in it all to make it through, such as, "It's a good thing my infant has been screaming for a half an hour and is making my ears bleed because now maybe he will tire himself out and sleep better tonight." Or, "It's a good thing this t-shirt is worn out because it will make a perfect infinity scarf." There, I have successfully completed my metaphor, I appreciate your patience.

Now, what I've been trying to say with all this rambling is that you can make a super cute color-block infinity scarf out of your old t-shirts just like this one I saw over the weekend at Gap for $20:

See what I mean about seeing the good? We can make that thing for free, just get out those t-shirts! Here are the steps:

1. Pick out 2 larger t-shirts of contrasting color.
2. Cut the base of the shirt into 2 approx 3-4 in strips.
3. Place the strips of the first shirt against the second to ensure your strips are somewhat even, and cut 2 strips from the second shirt.
4. Cut open the long end of each strip, making them one long strip of fabric.
5. Glue gun (with fabric glue sticks) or sew all of the ends together, putting unlike colors together.
6. You should now have one long strip of fabric. If you do not, don't blame me. These are super good directions.
7. Fold the fabric hot-dog ways (I really can't think of another way to describe this right now. Sue me.) and glue or run through a sewing machine. Continue with the entire strip of fabric.
8. Now, fold the inside out.
9. Fold in the two ends to hide the unfinished edge and put on inside the other. Sew, or line with glue to seal it shut.

You're done! And you have shown Gap who's boss!

Now, if this little DIY revamp of your old t-shirts doesn't help you see the good, you shouldn't worry, there's always Dairy Queen.

Also, if you go, call me.

Thanks for reading! And come visit us anytime over at Pretty Life Anonymous. We'd love to have you!


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