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How Does She

September 26, 2012
Life isn't easy, is it? It is filled with ups and downs, times of peace and joy, and times of turmoil and strife. While these difficult times are wonderful tools for growth and progression, they can certainly be wearisome and hard on us emotionally. Let me take you back to our household...four years ago.
Our family had relocated to another Province - 8 hours away from our nearest family members. At the time, my husband had been feeling very BUSY and very CRAZY with going back to school, working full-time, serving in a demanding church calling as Young Men's President in our ward, and going above and beyond with his responsibilities in the home. I watched how TIRED he was (which certainly didn't happen with him very often) and how WEARY he was - mentally, physically, and otherwise. Can any of you relate? Christmas was coming and I knew that I needed to find a gift that would be meaningful, and would help him see himself the way those who love him see him. Oh, and this gift couldn't cost a lot. Yes, my heart was filled with love for him, but my wallet was as empty as could be.
This is what I came up with.
I found a cute little wooden box that I mod podged with photos of some of the people who loved him most. Then, I asked several family members and friends to write him short (or long) notes of encouragement and love. This was done through email, on little note cards, or with letters sent via snail mail. Technology was certainly my friend! Soon the letters and notes started piling in! Some were long letters filled with happy memories and anecdotes. Others were short little notes of encouragement and love. He even received a wonderful letter from the church's General Young Men's President who related similar experiences in his life, and a lot of uplifting words to help him through. It was so special!
Christmas morning came, and while the commotion of gift opening was happening all around him, he sat quietly in the corner - reading letter after letter, note after note. His eyes filled with tears as he felt surrounded by the love of his family and friends, though they were physically far away. It was such a wonderful morning!
Fast forward 4 years - he still loves to occasionally open that box of love and re-read those notes and letters. In those moments when he is feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, tired, or discouraged - that simple little box is more precious than gold. The most meaningful gifts come from the heart, not the pocket book.
This gift idea will work for so many other occasions, as well. Think of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, etc! Here is one that I created for my daughter's baptism day:
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