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Chrislyn Woolston

October 04, 2012

During the last year, as I’ve settled into my new role as director of Time Out for Women, I’ve figured out many things and mastered a few. I’ve learned how to pack a suitcase in under five minutes while preparing my sweet two-year-old and husband for their fun weekend without the Mom. I’ve discovered that I am a genius at putting on the right amount of makeup so I’m not shiny from the stage. And I’ve learned how to tell anyone on an airplane about Time Out for Women in less than a minute—or at least I thought I had that one in the bag until my flight to Texas. . . .

That was when I sat next to a man who asked the question: What is Time Out for Women, really? It was that really that threw me. I looked at him and found myself at a loss for words. Somehow, my elevator speech, carefully developed over the years, couldn’t quite capture the real essence of TOFW. Sure, we are a room full of 2500 good . . . no, great women. We come from around the world to share an inspirational weekend and take a unique “time out” from our busy lives. We have fun with our friends, mothers, and sisters, and we laugh, cry, and bond. But is this what TOFW really is?

I left that flight thinking about all of the faithful women who were about to fill those seats in Texas that weekend. I realized that in order to describe TOFW really, we have to describe the women of TOFW.

We know you because we are you. We know you’re one in a million and yet you’re part of the millions. We know you dream big and feel deeply and serve with all your heart. We know you love God. We know that the TOFW experience is not unique just because of what we have to offer from the stage. It is unique because of you. We also know that you don’t need TOFW to do the things you’re already doing.

But maybe, just like us, you find strength in music, humor, service, and thoughtful gospel insights that elevate your spirit and recharge your soul and send you back into the world a better woman. And that’s when the 2013 theme “HIGHER” came to us. When the Lord says in Isaiah 55:9, “So are my ways higher than your ways,” He’s not chastising us for not being more. He’s inviting us to move beyond what we have known and to join Him in a higher life.

It’s a plea to the woman who needs to rediscover herself and THINK HIGHER about her life, her role as a woman of God, and her future. It’s an invitation to all of us to BELIEVE HIGHER as we face the challenges that will require all of our faith and all of our hearts. It’s an injunction to those of us choosing every day between good, better, and best to LIVE HIGHER and make God’s ways our own.

And that is what Time Out for Women is, really.

It’s YOU… Higher.

We can’t wait to experience Time Out for Women with you in 2013 as we embark on this Higher adventure together! And I promise, I won’t be at a loss for words again.


Chrislyn Woolston

Chrislyn Woolston has been the proud mom to Emma since July 2010 and the enthusiastic Director of Time Out for Women since August 2011.  She loves traveling, organizing a party and will do anything for pumpkin bread.  She's an avid BYU fan and her husband is decidedly a UTE. The rivalry in their home keeps things alive and fun.