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Diane from Alabama & Allie from Utah

June 20, 2012

Enjoy our top two stories from the Father's Day contest!

Diane from Alabama

One of the most unforgettable moments I have had with my Dad was the day I turned 18. He was so proud;  he told me to get in the car that we were going somewhere. I had no idea where he was going to take me, but as he turned the car toward town I realized where we were going.

My Dad has taught me all my life that we all have a right to vote, and that each and every one of us as citizens has a duty to vote. As we entered the courthouse he told me how proud he was of this day, and he also told me that this was the reason he fought for our country, so that I-his daughter-could vote on who I would feel would be the right person to run our country. I have never felt prouder than I was that day when my Dad and I shared this moment together. No one else could share this special moment with me but my Daddy.

Allie from Utah

When I was little, my dad worked as a firefighter, so he worked 24 hour shifts, then was home for a day. It was always fun to have him home when we got home from school. We loved those days. I remember numerous times throughout the years when I would be sick on his day off, and it never failed, each of those mornings he would cuddle with me on the couch and watch "The Little Mermaid.” That was OUR movie. We loved watching it together.

On my wedding day, I didn’t tell my dad beforehand what song we would be dancing to, so as he walked to meet me on the dance floor, "Part of Your World" began to play, and we danced and cried. It was the perfect Father-Daughter moment to follow all those years of loving kindness!