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Tonii Johnson

December 16, 2011

I have been desperately trying to find some fun, healthy snacks for my kids this holiday season...and I'll tell you why :) Obviously, I want my kids to be as healthy as possible, but honestly...I just don't have the willpower to resist all these yummy unhealthy treats floating around! So, I'm hoping by dressing up this healthy food the kids will get more excited about vegetables and I will be able to stick to my eating plan.

First up I found some mini peppers at Costco the other day. I love red peppers so I grabbed a bag and munched away. All of the sudden I was looking at my pepper and it hit me...these totally looked like Christmas lights! Wierd that I think of things like that, right?! :)

I used the mini peppers, part of a snap pea, and black beans to make these fun treats. Best part? the first day I brought these peppers home the kids wouldn't even try them. Yesterday after school...they were FIGHTING over who got the lights :) SUCCESS!!

This next idea I found on a great blog called Little Nummies. It was so simple to make and a fun snack to eat while we did our Christmas Tree craft. Again...I am so grateful for creative people that share all their fun ideas!

For our Christmas Tree all we used were snap peas, cheese cut in the shape of a star, and pretzel sticks. afterwards I thought it would have been fun to use craisins and raisins as decorations too! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Please share if you have any fun, healthy holiday snacks you give your kids...I need all the ideas I can get! :) Check back tomorrow for a really fun, messy Christmas Tree craft. Have a great day!!

My name is Tonii and I am a wife to one handsome husband, mother of 4 loud and crazy adorable kiddos, lover of crafting and teaching, and perfect at none of it :)  My blog is my way of striving to embrace all the little moments with my family...some good and some NOT so good.  I am passionate about a lot of things including Family Home Evening, striving to be a little healthier, a fantastic pair of shoes and curling up with a great book.  I try every day to not only remind my children, but mostly myself, that I can CHOOSE today to be happy and embrace the life I have been given, and that there are ALWAYS blue skies ahead.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tonii blogs at Blue Skies Ahead

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