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THE MIRACLE OF "PIGS IN A BLANKET"The Story of Michele Nigliazzo

Written by Michele Nigliazzo

April 03, 2012

We were told at the five month ultrasound that the baby girl I was carrying would die at birth. We were blessed to carry her to term, all the while preparing for her funeral.   Our sweet Callie, born on March 28, 2002, lived eight minutes after birth, but we had enjoyed months of getting to know her beautiful, courageous spirit while I carried her.  Holding her was a privilege. 

The support in our community was amazing. It seemed that daily people let us know they were praying for us.  Friends and family came and did laundry repeatedly.  Meals were brought in—even when we felt too much grief to eat.  I remember my mortification when my dear friend brought some of her homemade soup which I, in grief, did not eat.  She then came a week later to help me clean house, and cleaned out her own beautiful soup with a smile and without even saying a word.

It was miraculous love from special friends that made things bearable, particularly when we had no more to give.  I will always remember one particular day when I was sick and had to go to the store. My two boys, both under four years old, were also not feeling well.  I was carrying a child who was dying. One of my little boys kept saying, "Mom, I just want pigs in a blanket" (hot dogs wrapped in biscuits). In my rush to get in and out of the store quickly, I forgot the key ingredients of pigs in a blanket.

When we got home, my young son began to cry over the misfortune. I felt so small. This was the straw that broke this camel's back.  I was tired and overwhelmed.  I had nothing left to give. I knew my son would survive a meal without pigs in a blanket, but I couldn't handle the weight of it all anymore.  I felt alone.

A few hours later, the doorbell rang.  The church had set up a schedule of meals to come in and there was no one scheduled for this night, so we weren’t expecting company. When I opened the door, an elderly couple serving a mission in our area was there and brought us dinner. The sister handed me a platter and said, "I made you some lasagna."  Then, her husband passed another foil covered bowl to my sons and said, "These are for you."  When the kids eagerly asked what it was that was for them, he replied, "Pigs in a Blanket."

I about fell to my knees.  How could they have ever known?  NO ONE had ever brought us pigs in a blanket before.  Not until this day, the day when I had had too much. Where I was not enough. 

Those pigs in a blanket were manna that night, especially since this loving elderly couple had lost a child of their own many years earlier.  They had felt a tender prompting of the spirit to come that night and bring something only God himself could know we needed.

I share this small miracle because I want you to know you do not need to know WHAT to do to help someone else.  God knows what is needed, and if you will follow those promptings (no matter how silly they may seem), He can and will direct you to the needs of families you love.  Pigs in a blanket did not change the fact my daughter would die, but they did change my perspective and gave me knowledge that I was definitely not alone.  We cannot "fix" every problem, but we can always show we care.  In small, yet important ways, our acts of kindness will be perfect for those we love because our Father in Heaven knows what we do not, understands what we cannot, and sees what we may never see.  In His perfect love, He uses angels, like this elderly couple and the many friends and family members who prayed for us, to show us that He was always with us. 
We were never alone.

About the Author
Michele Nigliazzo is an attorney and mom who recently started an advocacy center for families helping kids with attachment disorder:  Nigliazzo Advocacy Center.  She and her husband, Luke, are the parents of four living children, two through the miracle of birth and two through the miracle of adoption.