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Lisa King

July 10, 2012

Every morning I open my bedroom blinds, wondering what the weather is like. It’s the middle of winter here in Tasmania, and since it’s still dark when I wake up, it’s hard to know whether there’s a frost outside, whether the air is thick with fog, or whether it’s cloudy. When the sun finally rises, I not only get a glimpse of the weather conditions for the day, I can also see my beautiful garden. But I haven’t always looked out onto a beautiful view. Just a few months ago I would open up my blinds to nothing but rubble.

After Aaron passed away, my boys and I were very blessed to have a professional garden makeover done on our yard. Calling it a makeover is actually a huge understatement, since we had no garden at all to start with. We had recently built a house to suit Noah and his needs, and when Aaron passed away it still wasn’t finished. The house was complete, but the yard was in shambles.

What a blessing it was to have sixteen professional landscapers come and create a magnificent garden for us in one day. It was a miracle to see beauty born from dust and rocks, and I loved my garden immediately. Some days, however, I realise that I’ve driven up our driveway and walked through the front yard without noticing how beautiful it is. Sometimes I open up my blinds to check the weather, and find myself looking past the garden, either to breathe a sigh of relief that the sun is out, or to moan that it’s going to be another cloudy day. (Everything just seems so much worse when it’s cloudy.)

It’s funny how fast I can take things for granted. Three months ago my yard was in ruins and it was easy to complain about how it was never going to be finished. Now I have a magnificent garden, complete with beautiful bushes and plants, a lush green lawn, and even a Japanese garden designed to represent our family—but I so easily look past it, as life gets busy and my thoughts turn elsewhere.

With so many huge trials going on in my life right now, it can be easy to overlook blessings like my garden. I guess it’s kind of like the weeds that spring up there. Sometimes when I open my blinds, all I notice are the weeds. Other times I open my blinds, look past the weeds, and notice how much the lovely plants are growing. 

I can’t help but think that is exactly how life is. It can be so easy to just see the ugly weeds and not the beautiful garden they are growing in. Focusing on the weeds or all the bad things in my life seems to make them grow so fast, and sometimes it seems like there are so many weeds in my life right now that they could easily take over.

I guess I have two options. I can let the weeds continue to grow or I can pull them out. Pulling them out doesn’t make them go away completely, since the nature of weeds is to grow back again. But there will be fewer of them, and I hope with time and practice the plants and bushes in my garden will overgrow the weeds. 

In my life, my grief is ever-present, like the weeds. But I can make the choice to tenderly care for my beautiful garden and my life, to focus less on the overwhelming weeds and more on its overwhelming beauty. And even though there are still some days when I feel like all I can see are weeds, what I want most is to see my blessings, and not lose sight of the time when everything was just rubble.

Lisa King is a woman of faith with a zest for life who loves photography, chocolate, helping children with special needs and being a mum. TOFW first met Lisa at the Sydney, AU event in July 2011. We have been amazed at her ability to SEEK THE GOOD thru the trials that have come her way, including unexpectedly losing her son and husband within 4 months of each other. Lisa was born and raised, and continues to live in the beautiful area of Tasmania, AU and looks forward to the day when she can introduce her boys to Rexburg, Idaho, USA, where she has incredible memories of a year at college before returning to Australia where she met and married her sweetheart, the late Aaron King.

Photo by Alana Aston Photography