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May 15, 2012

Take a moment to step back and take a deep breath in…go ahead, we’ll wait.  What are the things that need your heart most right now?  Are you ready for them?  This summer is all about, SEEKING THE GOOD, the good you can do, the good you can create, and the good life has waiting for you. 

See what Brad Wilcox, Wendy Ulrich, and others are doing this summer to SEEK THE GOOD…

 My wife and I are tending grandkids while their parents have a get-away.  Crazy how it takes my wife, my college-age daughter, and me (3 adults) to take care of Paisley and Pyper (2 babies) that their mom usually handles alone (1 mom).  If my daughter-in-law is reading this, please know how much we respect and admire you!  ~Brad Wilcox 

Wendy Ulrich
 We have a lot of happy anticipation at our house this summer planning for the wedding of our middle daughter, which of course includes getting everyone together from far-flung places. I’m also excited about teaching a Sunday School class for Young Single Adults in our ward.  ~Wendy Ulrich

 With summer approaching and schedules relaxing, I am seeking the good each day by taking time to connect with my children and making sure we spend quality moments making memories with one another and as a family. :)   ~Sara Wells (from Our Best Bites)

This summer, I've made it a goal to read one chapter of the scriptures every night before I turn in. My husband and I have gotten into the lazy habit of watching TV far too late into the night...and getting into bed to read my scriptures not only gets me to sleep a little earlier thus making it easier for me to tackle the tasks of my day, but also gives me the spiritual nightcap I need to face my daily challenges. I love the scriptures. And as I listen to the soft sound of crickets chirping outside in the warmer night air, my lamp is burning as I seek for the good within their priceless pages.   ~Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
I’m going to be spending time this summer seeking the goodness that comes from family relationships at family reunions. I’ll also be visiting China and seeking the good by getting to meet new friends there. ~John Hilton III


A way I'm seeking the good this summer? Spending some quality time with my husband and little ones as we go on some fun family vacations! It's easy to find the good in my life when I'm with the ones I love....on a beach....in the sun:)  ~McKenzie Turley
Macy Robison

After a busy winter and spring, I'm going to be seeking the good with my family. My oldest starts kindergarten this fall, and we need to have as much fun as possible before that happens!  ~Macy Robison