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Naomi Ellis

November 02, 2011

I have been a stay at home mother for 12 years now and have seven children. As I was going about my daily housework routine, I happened to catch a look at myself in the mirror the other day. What I saw, stopped me in my tracks.

I recognized the person looking back at me but, I was also surprised at who I was looking at. I have changed in many ways over the years since I have had children. I still look like the same woman, but I also look and feel very different.

Having children has helped me grow in more ways than one. It has increased my ability to juggle more than one task, to cook for greater numbers, to clean faster and more efficiently, to carry on more than one conversation at once, to drive a car whilst listening to fighting and screaming, to manage a household, to remain patient under difficult circumstances and to discipline more than one child at once!

All of these have all been great skills to learn. They also have come at a personal cost.

As a woman I now look plainer, feel tireder, am more overweight, am out of touch with fashion, am ordinary to look at, spend most of my time at home, have bags under my eyes, often speak with a slur from tiredness and spend less time taking care of myself.

As I looked in the mirror that day I knew in my heart that I would not trade any of these homely traits because I now: love who I am, have more love in my heart, am living my dream life, find joy in my children, cherish my husband, know where I am going with my life, know what I want from life, am feeling happiness, feel beautiful, feel free and for the first time, want to be me. That day, another change occurred. I decided to just take me as I am. To accept the changes that have taken place, to appreciate the growth that I have made and to be content with who I have become.

This is who I am now.
It is who I want to be.

Naomi Ellis. Mother of seven cherubs, blogger and writer, seeker of happiness.

Naomi blogs at:
Seven Cherubs

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