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Lynnette Black

September 13, 2012

I have been, at times, apathetic on my journey, looking inwardly instead of outwardly.  As a mother of six boys and twin girls, I have sometimes felt lost in Cheerios and Sesame Street.  But when I try to see through spiritual eyes, I see the things my Savior would have me do and I feel joy.

I remember a time driving home from a meeting while I was in the Stake YW Presidency in Los Angeles at the ripe age of 23. I was a wife of a dental student and a mother to two small boys.  I had been worried that I was not progressing forward…that I was stuck in a rut and that the Stake President had called the wrong person.  That day as I listened to an inspired YW President and watched her magnify her calling, she helped me see what I did to help influence the YW for good. She told me that my Heavenly Father loved me and that I was doing HIS work. 

On my way home, I remember rolling down my window to look at a brilliant sunset.  While the smoggy air whipped past me, tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt joy as I had not felt it ever before.  I felt a strong impression that my Heavenly Father loved me!!!  He was counting on me to look past the diapers and the drudgery and see brilliant colors around me. That decision so many years ago to strive for joy has blessed my life to such a great extent!  I WANT to see the good things and I want SO much to BE a good thing in the lives of others!  I cherish sunrise and sunsets still, as they fill my joy tank to the top when I look at one! (Lucky for me- this is a blessing that as an early morning seminary teacher I can see most every morning!)

I believe that joy comes as I follow the promptings of the Spirit-even when those promptings don’t seem entirely logical.

Not too long ago, I was at a store watching a mother with several children trying to check out and arguing with the cashier about a watermelon.  I was in a different line and was thinking “Doesn’t this woman care that she is yelling at the checker in front of her kids?  Why is she making such a fuss?” 
The woman left the store in a huff, because she didn’t get what she wanted.  “Kids, because of that lady – you only get one watermelon!” 

I had a watermelon in my cart. “Give it to her,” said the voice in my head.  “But she is cranky and rude and a bad example to those kids!” I answered. “You know – I am going to win…stop arguing and be the example those kids need today”. 
I took the fought-over fruit to her car.  “I want you to have this,” I said.  “I hope you can have a happy Memorial Day!” 

I started to walk away and the mom said to her kids, “Thank the nice woman kids…she did something very nice for you.”

 I felt elated- I felt like I could glimpse a little bit at what our Savior does every day!  Look beyond the outside to see the child of God under the sometimes rough edges. 

I have since made an effort to look for ways to bring smiles to others’ faces.  I will get an extra pizza and drive around until I see someone in need of a meal. I offer to give a ride to that person walking home from a store with several plastic bags on each arm. I have had day after day of happiness as I complete my personal challenge to look for the “least of these” and serve as He would.