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Christianne Green

October 28, 2013
This post was written last year by Christianne. We wanted to share it with you all again in light of the article we shared in August about the Summer of a Million Gifts

Click here for another article Christanne wrote about their sweet daughter Sophi. She shares how incredible it is to see what LOVE can do to a child, a man or a woman. 

Tonight has me thinking about Graci’s birthmother.
Graci came running through the door a couple of hours ago from Bishop’s Youth Discussion, positively glowing with excitement.  She knew that we were calling  Cali tonight and couldn’t wait to talk to her. In just a few short months, Graci will be traveling to China with us to adopt Cali, and she is so excited to have a new sister that is so close to her age!As I watched them talk in Chinese, Cali with her shy, sweet ways and Graci bubbling over with personality and confidence, I couldn’t help marveling at her beauty. 

I found myself wondering what her birthmother looks like.  Does she have Graci’s sparkling almond eyes?  Her beautiful smile?  And as I thought of her, I found myself longing for her to witness who Graci has become—an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, inside and out.

What I would give for her to know that Graci is HAPPY!

That she has the best medical care and is doing so much better than we could have ever hoped for. That she has so many friends who adore her. That she has brothers and sisters that fight over who gets to sit by her. That she has a mother and father who cherish her.

That she is LOVED.

Watching Graci talk with Cali brought me back four years, when we were meeting Graci for the first time.  Unlike Cali, she wasn’t shy at all.  In fact, she was quite the handful!  She was just this little ball of energy that could go from smiles to fits in no time at all.  I must admit, there were many times that we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into! 

Reminiscing about those times brought me to her adoption website.  As I read the entries surrounding her adoption and the few months afterward, my heart just swelled with love for this little girl.  One entry in particular brought tears to my eyes.  It was written the day before Graci’s first open heart surgery, and just after her baptism and sealing.  She was nine years old and had been home for just over two months. 

“Graci has been such a tremendous example of faith in Jesus Christ.  She has accepted Him so readily and loves Him with all her heart.  Her spirituality constantly amazes me.  For example, today Graci was very upset because I told her that I wanted Jessica to come with us to the doctor for Graci’s pre-op.  I had been spending tons of time with Graci this week because of the upcoming surgery, and I was taking her out again tonight one-on-one, so I thought it would be good for Jesi to come with us for the doctor appointment."  

“Graci did NOT want her to come.  I kept explaining how much time we had been spending together and how Jessica was going to be without her mommy for lots of weeks while I was at the hospital, but still Graci wouldn’t budge and was quite grouchy about it.  I finally decided it wasn’t worth the tears, and told her that Jessica could stay home.  I sent her to her room to get ready."  

“Well, when I went to get Graci out of her room her eyes were puffy and she had obviously been crying.  I told her it was time to go, and she looked up and said, ‘I want Jessica go, too.’  I asked her why and she replied, ‘Dear Father (that’s what she calls Heavenly Father) said Jessica should go.  I said a prayer.’  I gave her a big hug and told her how much I loved her and how glad I was that she had prayed about it without me asking her to.”

Reading this entry reminded me of what a special girl Graci has always been.  She accepted Jesus Christ from the moment she learned of Him.  Her pure testimony of Him has become even more beautiful in the last four years.  And as I watched her dance around the room tonight and say, “Aren’t I just fabulous?!” in her fabulous little way, I find my heart full to overflowing.  Full of love for this exquisite, quirky little girl.  Full of love for my Savior, who led me to her and provided a way for me to be her mother forever.  And full of love for the birthmother who gave her this life by giving her up. 

I think she must be pretty fabulous, too. 

Christianne Green loves camping, sunsets, BYU sports, dates with her husband, and long, hot baths. She is the mother of ten beautiful children. After losing two tiny babies to stillbirth, she and her husband began the journey of a liftetime, leading them across the seas to China and five amazing children. She finds her greatest joy in her family, her faith, and chocolate, and blogs at A Road Less Traveled.