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Emily Freeman

June 06, 2012

It was a feeling that had followed me around for months, gently prodding, almost inviting ––you need more of the scriptures in your life right now.

Make room.
Set aside some time.
The feeling grew into a yearning to know more of holy words on gilded pages ––a longing to know more of the Lord.  I spoke of the desire with my family and a few of my closest friends, and together we set a goal to read the entire Standard Works this year. Seven pages a day.

Before long the enthusiasm for the idea started to grow.  As others heard what we were doing they expressed a desire to join us. So, by way of a blog, I extended an invitation ––anyone who wanted was welcome to join us on the journey to read the scriptures daily.

People from all around the world began accepting the invitation to spend a little more time in the scriptures.  Comments flowed in from Africa to Argentina, and I quickly discovered an unexpected blessing ––through this journey I would be introduced to people I would never have come to know otherwise. 

Strangers who are now becoming friends drawn together by a unified goal…a humble desire to know more of the Savior, to know more of His words. 
My new friend Heidi Fernandez from Oregon wrote, “Scripture reading is the base of my day emotionally and spiritually.  I wake up and grab my scriptures.  I read and try to find one passage to get me through the day.  Through my many readings I have found a strong testimony of the Lord’s love for me.  Reading every day is my way to keep this alive and is my daily power.”
I love how Brenda Freund from Nevada describes her experience, “When my exhaustion reaches the point I can hardly move, when my aching heart makes it difficult to even breathe, when I feel I can't go on another day, the scriptures have been my 'Balm of Gilead'.  Evidence that God knows and loves me, the knowledge that He has not forgotten my family, is embedded in the pages.”

These evidences that Brenda talks about have become a theme that has stood out to many of us along this journey.
The scriptures are filled with stories that testify of the Lord’s tender mercies.
Evidences of the hand of the Lord in the lives of His people.

Often it is these evidences of the hand of the Lord along the way that motivate us to keep going.  The evidences become a source of strength, an anchor.

I wanted to find a way to celebrate these evidences.

Again I gathered with my family and some close friends.  We decided to plan a 13.1 mile walk that will take place this month, on June 23, 2012 to celebrate the evidences of the Lord’s hand in our life.

More than just a half marathon, this walk will include several stops where we will take a few minutes to discuss the Deliverer of the Old Testament, and the Savior of the New Testament.  We will ponder the tender mercies contained in the Book of Mormon, and the call to action extended in the Doctrine and Covenants.  Evidences.

This walk will entail a celebration.  An experience.  A journey.

Remarkably, people from all over the World are asking to join this journey.
Some will walk with us here in Lehi, Utah; others will join us that day walking a route in the area in which they currently live.  Groups are being organized in places like Oregon, Nevada, California, and Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Hemaima Tait from New Zealand wrote, “I live in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand and two weeks ago invited the Kaikohe Stake Relief Society to pick up the scriptures and read and then take up their shoes and walk with me on the 23 of June. So far 20 sisters have signed up to walk.  I have been inspired by the journey and am filled with hope and resolve as my love for the scriptures has taken the place of pride in my day. Walking and reading the scriptures has added oil to my lamp daily, and getting a sense of the participation of others around the world has strengthened me greatly.  I have found enormous spiritual strength through this journey ––each day a walk of faith.” 

I love the thought of friends gathering all over the world on June 23, 2012 to celebrate the power of the Scriptures and to recognize the evidences of the hand of the Lord in our lives.
It makes my heart happy. 

Perhaps you would like to join us on this journey…