Your Questions Answered


You may have noticed we're making a few changes to the 2019 TOFW tour. And because TOFW has become a longstanding tradition for so many of you (for which we are grateful), we want to explain why.  

Why aren't you coming to (FILL IN THE BLANK CITY)?

We wish we could bring TOFW to every city, every year, but it's just not always feasible. As we plan a new tour we evaluate a host of things including venue access and availability; speaker and staff capacity; and the ability to sell enough tickets to cover the costs of holding an event this size. 

We recognize that some of you don't have as many opportunities to gather and be spiritually uplifted, and it weighs on our hearts and minds. So we are exploring how we could use technology to make TOFW an annual experience for more of you, wherever you live.

As we have in the past we will continue to look at rotating which cities we visit.

Why isn't there TOFG this year?

It's been a tradition to bring Time Out for Girls to many of our TOFW tour cities, but after careful consideration, we have decided to push pause on TOFG for 2019.

We recognize the great responsibility that comes with inspiring and influencing our Latter-day Saint youth and it's important to us that we do it right. This break will give us the opportunity to evaluate and assess how to best serve these remarkable young women.

What is the price structure for TOFW?

TOFW has always existed for something bigger than making money. We exist to lift and inspire faithful women who will in turn influence families and communities. That's why we've always been committed to keeping registration as low as possible while still delivering a world class production for our attendees.

Regular registration is only $89 for the full event. As a perk to our loyal attendees who plan in advance, we offer 2 discount periods where registering early will pay off big!

  • During our Christmas and Mother's Day pre-sales we offer the lowest price for individual registration, only $69 each, a $20 savings off of regular registration. (that's the group price without the group!)

  • Early registration begins after holiday pre-sales end and we offer the most popular GROUP discount; $20 off when you register a group of 4 or more. The best way to come to TOFW is with the women you love most, so gather your group and save! The group discount along with other early registration discounts will be available until about a month before the event (check each event page for details and dates).

  • The $89 regular registration pricing goes into effect for the month before the event. If an event has not sold out, registration can be purchased onsite the day of the event but a tote and workbook is not guaranteed.

  • Single day options, if available, will be listed on the purchase page.

Are there changes to the format?

We have one big goal: to create an event with you in mind. So we have given TOFW a little facelift. Just some simple pops and refinements to freshen it up and make it even more relevant and meaningful to you. Over the years, we've heard a couple of recurring themes about the Friday evening event. First, that it's tricky to get dinner and get to the event on time. And second, that by the time Friday wraps up, you're exhausted. Additionally, we know lodging has often been a burden. So, we’ve made a few tweaks to serve our audience in the best possible way. 1) We shifted start and end times slightly to more conveniently serve attendees’ busy schedules. 2) We've created a more casual Friday evening opening event, with a fun presenter discussion and special concert. It will be a fun, relaxed evening. So if you need to skip Friday night, you won't miss the meat of the event, but you will miss out on a little fun (wink). 3) We've designed the Saturday main event with concentrated focus on the theme delivered by presenters in a pattern that gives spiritual insight, uplifting conversation, and practical take-aways to help you leave with a "greater capacity to receive personal revelation". You will be hearing from the same number of presenters and musicians as before so you’ll be getting all the great content and learning you’ve enjoyed in the past, just refreshed and better!