A Special Mother's Day Gift


Have you ever wished you could relive your favorite Time Out for Women moments? Well this Mother’s Day we have an extra special treat just for you! Register by May 12th we will send you our Top 10 TOFW Video Downloads! You will be able to enjoy these fan favorite Time Out for Women presentations from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s a little sneak peak of what you’ll get:

#1: An Unexpected Encounter with Jesus | Michael McLean

Have you ever felt like God was there, but He wasn’t answering your prayers? Michael McLean says he experienced this for nearly 10 years. But even as he waited and waited and waited to receive answers from the Lord, he learned in silence what the voice of the Lord sounded like to him and how God could answer his prayers in a way perfect for him.


#2 A Testimony to Weather the Storm | John Bytheway

Like an eclipse, our doubts can grow until they block out the light of the truths we know about the gospel. But when we see these doubts with the perspective of eternity, the light of the gospel can nourish our faith until the day when we will know the answers to all things.


#3 Filling the Empty | Emily Belle Freeman

We all want connections, friendships that can fill the empty in our lives. But often, these friendships don’t form with the people we expect, sometimes these friendships begin by approaching people who look different, act different, or think differently than we do. But by forming these unexpected friendships, we can enrich our lives in the ways we never imagined.


#4 Being a Light | Tim Ballard

Light and darkness can never occupy the same place at the same time. And when we take the time to do the things that feed our spirits, we can shine the light of Christ into the darkest corners of humanity. Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard knows this well and shares how even in the most evil places, the light of Christ can shine.

#5 Experiencing Your Plan of Happiness | Hank Smith

Has something unexpected ever happened in your life that seemed to throw your plan for happiness off the rails? Maybe it was the death of a loved one, an unexpected illness, or a dream that never manifested. However, whatever trials we face in this life that seem to drain our happiness, there is always hope. As Hank Smith explains, our circumstances don’t have to dedicate the joy we can feel in this life. We can make the decision to seek a happy life.


#6 If You Can Laugh About It, You Can Live With It | Brad Wilcox

Having a sense of humor helps us keep perspective, but that’s not its only purpose. It can help us strengthen relationships with others as we let down our walls and let go of our pride. Brad Wilcox explains how powerful maintaining a good sense of humor can be and helps us find joy in our lives.

#7 Receiving His Unspeakable Gift | Laurel C. Day

No matter where we go, no matter what happens, we always have the safety of the Atonement to rely on. And when life takes an expected turn, this protection helps us to keep going on our mortal journey as we rely on the Savior.


#8 Discovering the Angels Around You | Alyssa Parker

“Do you see it? Everything is connected.” Though at the time these words didn’t mean much to Alissa Parker, they were some of the last she would hear her daughter speak. On Dec. 14, 2015, Alissa’s daughter Emily was killed in the Sandy Hook shootings. And while navigated the long and painful road to healing, Alissa discovered how we are all connected as children of God and how we can become each other’s ministering angels. 


#9 Saved By the Well | Tamu Smith & Zandra Vranes

Are we dehydrated? Do our spirits thirst for the pure water of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Like the woman at the well, we can embrace the Savior as the source of living water. We can find comfort and joy in the fact that God is aware of us and that we are saved through His gospel.


#10 Becoming Women of Faith in Christ | S. Michael Wilcox

The story of the woman who washed Christ’s feet with her hair and poured oil on His head is relativity well known. Her actions were symbolic of preparing the Savior’s body for death, and were very tender in their humility. However, some complained that the oil, which was very expensive, could have been sold and the money given to the poor. But the Savior replied, “Let her alone, why trouble ye her?. . . She hath done what she could.” We, like the Savior, need to respond with sympathy rather than severity with the best others can offer and withhold our censure from what we may not understand.