Premium Seating

Premium seating is considered the front sections nearest the stage. Because floor plans vary from venue to venue, this a general view of the premium seating configuration.


Seat Info

A premium seat is a guaranteed seat in the front sections, but it is not an assigned seat. So when you upgrade to a premium seat, you are securing a seat within a section, not a specific seat. That means you could get the first seat in the front row, or the last seat in the last row of the premium section.

  • Premium seats are limited

  • Premium seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis

  • A premium registration is required for all individuals wishing to sit in the premium section.


Premium seating is purchased as an add-on during registration for an additional cost of $15. A proof of premium seating purchase credential will be provided upon arrival at check-in and must be presented to ushers when being seated.

Premium Seating Policies

Purchase Required:  A premium add-on is required to sit in the premium section.  All attending together and desiring to sit in premium section must have a proof of premium registration credential.  No exceptions.

No Saving Seats:  Everybody in your group must be present to sit together. Saving seats in premium section is not allowed and will be enforced by ushers.

Re-Entry:  The premium seating credential received at check-in will be required for re-entry into the premium seating section.